About Us

Who are we?

We are a mother/daughter team of crafters looking to create a quality, affordable product for our customers. We love our loyal customers and want to spread that love to potential customers country wide. 



Classic seamstress skills with a creative spin. Charlotte has talents and abilities to sew quality products. 

She's more than a fantastic seamstress, she's also a talented cook, Army Veteran, outdoors enthusiast, animal lover, dental hygienist, and a really awesome Mom.  



I spent 12 years in a distribution center, and really found a niche in finding natural solutions for my peers.  I have been making soap for about 4 years now, and  to this day love to hear how I've helped someone with dry skin, or problem prone skin. Or a customer who has a challenge for a new soap for me to make.

I'm not only a soap maker though, I also fill spare time with crochet projects, which those projects are offered on the site as well.